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New Curtain Collections 2020

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 We have actually been in the curtain & upholstery business for more than  20 years.
 So we are representing a variety of brands, big brands of course from all around world especially Europ.
Our main show rooms,  are actually located in the best business districts of Tehran and Istanbul which is the capital.
So, as you can see, there is very big potential.
 At the present time, we are one of the leading name’s and we have our very special customers of course.
 We said ”special”, and We meant it.
The special customers, in all around world do love having the best in decoration


By the way, one of the leading Italian companies has introduced a new technology in the production of curtain fabrics, which are special products of this company with warranty and license and include anti-noise, fire-proof, anti-noise, anti-frequency fabrics. Harmful Wi-Fi and electromagnetic waves, anti-light and ...


ELECTRO is fabric made of polyester with a Faraday cage embedded. this creates a shield that protects against high frequency radiation like wi-fi, mobile/smartphones

ETICO is water repellent, oil and soil repellent, keep colours and fabrics looking new longer, allow textile to dry more rapidly, breathable, resistant to washing,weatherproof.

MULTISERVICE colors and designs can be very decorative and fancy.spot-on for projects that put projection before transparency

REFLECTIVE is fire retardant reflective acoustic sheer can reduce the amount of energy used to cool down a room in sunny weather

VIBRANTE is fire retardant with IMO fabric

NEW BLACKOUT is excellent characteristics of this fabric plus its acoustic properties make the article Blackout  perfect for hotel room and residential contract


Our Services :
Our Services in the area of Salon Model, Catering Model, Living Room Model, Bedroom Model for Kids and Teens, Office Blinds, Sheets and Layers, Kitchen Blinds, Curtain Installation, Wallpaper Pattern, Posters, Parquet, Laminate, Carpet And the curtain design is very extensive and from the start we go from the design phase to the sewing, installation, support and other steps from zero to one hundred.

fields of activity:
fereshteh company having special clients all over middle east in the field of European fabrics for curtains, rumble, wall cover, handmade and non-handmade wallpapers, as well as all kinds of curtains, blinds, balustrades, zebra, vertical , Roman, Double Shade and Multi-Mechanism as well as Parquet, Laminate, 3D Posters, Painting, Carpet, sheers , Tor and also according to the needs of dear customers offers various services of rail and electric curtains.

Curtain and wallpaper work teams and other areas of decoration :
Our professional team of designers, engineers, architects and professional designers will be with you from start to finish and will guide you through personal, office, hotel and commercial projects and a variety of new curtain and wallpapers Accompany

Curtain and wallpaper brands
Thank God we are currently representing more than 126 European brands and our specialists throughout the year with leading European companies have always signed direct contracts and are completely up-to-date and up-to-date. The website of the European companies we represent can track the authenticity of the product as well as confirm it by direct telephone. You can see the brand names on the website


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we are working on curtain, upholstery, wallpaper, carpet ,accessories, wall covering,... for home furnishing by very high level brands



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Would you like to know what to buy? Do you want to know which curtain model or salon curtain model is best for you? How do you know about a new European curtain model? How can your bedroom or curtains, your curtains and other new home curtains be used?
Remember your home decoration and make your home and apartment more beautiful? Do you think you need to contract with an interior designer to buy curtains? Did you see the new curtain photo? How did you like the curtain? Classic or modern curtains?
How to choose curtains and wallpapers? All these questions are things you will think about how much you can choose from home decoration accessories such as curtain cloth, curtain models, wall paper, parquet, furniture, laminate and other hard accessories. But don't worry, Perk Gallery, with its experienced staff and high experience, will help you from zero to 100 in all stages of buying curtains and wallpapers and choosing the curtain and wallpapers since this is the most important part of home decoration. And the first thing that comes to your eyes when you come into the living room is the curtain, so choosing the curtain and model of the curtain or curtain of your living room speaks first.






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